About Us

Practising in Edmonton’s Crestwood neighbourhood since 2000, One Village – A Family Chiropractic Community (formerly West Edmonton Family Chiropractic Studio) has helped thousands of patients improve their health and wellness through gentle chiropractic care and sound professional advice.

Our passion and our primary focus is on the specific correction and wellness of your spine to promote a healthy connection between the brain and the body. 

& non-invasive

The corrective care that we provide is a non-surgical, non-invasive spinal reconstruction approach to restore movement, structure, and the critical flow of information.

Ongoing supportive
& wellness care

Once optimal spinal function and alignment has been achieved to help the body function and heal at its best, we provide ongoing supportive and wellness spinal care tailored to the unique needs of each individual as daily life and stress is ongoing.

Leading edge

The chiropractic techniques we provide are leading-edge in terms of clinical practices and research. Correction of spinal misalignments or subluxations are primarily done using specific hands-on or table assisted adjustments.

A team approach

A team approach between doctor and patient is crucial so at home work on movement, nutrition and mindset through extensive patient education to live a healthy and purpose-filled life is continuously provided.

Never treated like a condition or a diagnosis, the members of our community are determined and engaged in achieving higher levels of health, wellness and performance, and we are committed to a patient-centric experience that is always encouraging, sincere and welcoming to entire families and patients of all ages.

Like you, we hold true to the belief that physical, emotional and spiritual care is a work of heart. Nature requires nurture. Whether in chiropractic, community and relationship building, or when raising a family, the ties that truly assemble and bind and give us the strength to transform and thrive are born from the truth of specific care-affirming research and experience, sound, educational advice and responsible, optimal response, and from a simple, heartfelt desire to unify, un-cage and uplift the soul… promoting pleasure, relief and resiliency while unlocking true potential and improving overall quality of life.

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