At One Village, our mission is simple and loving. It calmly and confidently states that:

“We are Chiropractors, and we will always provide principled Chiropractic Care. Today we will love everyone, serve everyone, and give the message of chiropractic to everyone, because every man, woman, and child needs Chiropractic in order to become and remain subluxation free. At no time will we withhold the truth of chiropractic for fear of ridicule. We are experts at detecting and correcting subluxations, and will correct subluxations on everyone we care for today. When we deliver a chiropractic adjustment, the power within the human body will help them heal and function at higher levels, every time, and without exception.” – Dr. Wendy Coburn

Dr. Wendy Coburn

Dr. Wendy Coburn is an inspirational leader, educator and caregiver with over 20 years of “hands-on” experience in the field of Family Chiropractic. In addition to the gentle care of the spine to properly detect and correct misalignments (subluxation), thereby restoring the flow of critical nerve impulses and responsiveness through the body, “Dr. Wendy” promotes holistic health and wellness integration through the recommendation, instruction, and practice of proper nutritional, physical and spiritual regimens.

As a teenager in Guelph, Ontario, Dr. Wendy was involved in a low-velocity motor vehicle incident. Although no immediate symptoms of injury were apparent, within months she was unable to walk. Initially diagnosed by a medical practitioner as a muscle strain, Dr. Wendy sought the care of a chiropractor, and soon discovered – through a thorough examination, x-rays and a report of findings, that she suffered from a disc bulge, injured spinal cord and spine with muscle spasm. Why so much damage happened was due to a weakened structure comprised of mild thoracolumbar scoliosis. It was here that her experience with, and affection for, Chiropractic began – first as a regular patient, and then as a student and practitioner – completing her undergraduate Physical Education Degree (now known as a Kinesiology degree) before attending chiropractic college.

“While in school I worked for different chiropractors and got to see the miracles happening around the country for people receiving care. I saw everyone getting help, from babies to great grandparents. This strengthened my conviction to become a chiropractor,” she says. Dr. Wendy is a loving wife and mother of three young children, and, with help from regular chiropractic care herself, is also an accomplished equestrian and triathlete. She firmly practices what she preaches and teaches, and believes that “Chiropractic is not something we need just in case, or in case of emergency, it is something we should all be incorporating into our regular routine as part of our healthy lifestyle.”