Does Back Pain Have You Down?

Back pain – Is back pain the real problem or what is causing the pain?

When you have no pain does this signify the problem is gone?

In chiropractic we use lots of analogies – please follow along with me here for a moment.

When you burn your hand – is the pain the problem or the burn? The burn right? The pain of the burn slowly decreases over time and the body heals the tissue where it was burned. If the burn is bad enough you may need to seek other care of course. Ultimately it is your body that repairs the tissue that was burned. Can we agree the pain is not the cause or the problem?

When many have back “pain,” they only focus on the pain, and there is a huge disconnect often from what the cause is.

Can you relate?

There are often layers to the problem and many say that they, ‘only reached down to put on a pair of socks that caused them their pain.”

Hm – ok maybe but this cause is actually super – super rare.

So when we are talking about helping someone with back or neck pain – we have to identify what their definition of health is and what their expectations are when it comes to healing.

Wait wait wait. – you asked if back pain was getting me down. Where on earth are you going with this conversation?

Well – I am working towards burning more like to the causation of back pain for those 80% or more of adults that suffer from it. As you understand and learn more – you can work to not have it re-occur more.

For some of you – I have lost you and that is ok. This will not be for you.

Let’s discuss causes of back and neck pain.

They can be lumped into categories such as

A: Physical trauma being a fall or accident for example. The physical trauma can also be lack of motion or sitting too much or overuse. There are many examples in this one category alone.

B: Mental and Emotional trauma or stress. I often relate it to overload. You can have good and bad stress that can overload the system but cause neck and back pain.

C: Toxins or Nutrients. Exposure to bad things or even things deemed good or healthy but are toxic to the body. Nutrients being too much or not enough of something for example Omega 3’s often are deficient or Vitmain D here in Alberta.

D: Technology and or Wifi: The inundation of tech and videos streamed into our brains bypassing the cerebellum triggering a dopamine / addictive response for example and not just the text neck. Also emitted frequency form Wifi especially 5 G.

These are some causes that can create and bring on interference to how the brain and body communicate and work together. If there is interference it can impact how your muscles hold you and move you upright agains gravity for example making you more prone to injury, overuse, pulls, strains, tears and pain.

These above 5 categories or causes can start in utero and compound over life and not show up until later in life. Sometimes underlying issues or congenital spinal problems reveal themselves during pregnancy when relaxin kicks in, body posture and structure shifts as baby grows or after a delivery.

Sometimes symptoms don’t show up until you reach the magical number of 50 when things, “start showing up,” out of the blue.

Sometimes you wake up with it as the body just does not have the capacity to compensate and bury the symptom any more.

These are all examples – there are sooo many more – If you are struggling and ant more answers – to learn how to live a stronger, healthier, more back or neck pain free life and improve the quality of your life no matter your age. Reach out!

We are here.

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