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As a pediatric chiropractor, Dr. Wendy Coburn is experienced working with kids – from new infants to toddlers and growing teenagers. With a gentle, educated touch, we provide safe chiropractic care for babies and children to assist the flow of energy and nutrients through the spine. Help promote optimal brain function during your child’s critical development years while setting them on a path to a lifetime of good health. Did you know in the first two years, your child’s brain will grow the most it ever will?

Chiropractic care for babies

Deliveries can be hard on babies too, which can lead to potential problems. It is fairly common with babies, especially in the case of difficult deliveries, for the head to tilt to one side and not hold its proper position (this presents by approximately 3 months of age).  A baby chiropractic appointment can help.

Post-delivery evaluation and chiropractic care can help relieve problems related to the stress of the birthing process for both mother and infant. Gentle adjustment and manipulation can help your baby’s spine and nervous system function as they should to alleviate a range of issues. Our adjustments use such minimal pressure infants hardly notice they are being adjusted, in fact some sleep right through it!

If your baby is fussy, having a hard time sleeping or struggling in some way, try a visit to One Village in West Edmonton. We are here to help both mom and baby thrive!

A Chiropractor for kids too

As kids become more active, chiropractic care can help keep them aligned. When spinal subluxations or misalignments occur, the messages from the brain to the body may be interrupted. The removal of these interruptions will help your child heal properly and encourage optimal health.

Misalignments in kids can cause nerve system interference, affecting normal motor development. This can then lead to many challenges – especially those concerning the processing of their environment, and how your child will respond and adapt to stimulus or information.

Removing sublaxations can help with maintenance of proper posture, other ailments experienced by kids. Does your child or teenager play sports? Adjustments can help increase their overall mobility and ability to heal properly.

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At One Village Family Chiropractic Community we want to help ensure your child can grow strong and healthy as they learn to navigate the world around them. Contact us with any questions or schedule an appointment at our West Edmonton clinic today!

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