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Chiropractic is focused on NeuroSpinal Health

In our office the approach we take in your care, your newborns care, your toddler, your teen, your parent no matte is through looking to your neurophysiology to guide and direct us. IN our office we use technology to measure your neurophysiology output. We look at your Heart Rate Variability

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Upper Neck and Chiropractic

As a chiropractor I am looking to make sure your head is on straight! Literally. By reviewing posture, tone and movement I can defer where your upper neck bones, (vertebrae) are not moving or lining up adding increased stress to your nerve system not allowing proper communication between the body

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Yes, we really do. We will care more for you than you care about yourself. We will work harder for you than you will for yourself. We will be here longer for you than you will for yourself. Hopefully I am wrong on that one!. We hope for you to

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Health and Healing is a journey at any age

Depending on how early stress or trauma was introduced and for how long or how much directly impacts one’s healing journey. If a babe is injured through physical, toxic or mental/emotional trauma during pregnancy or birth they can perceive life through the lens of defence thus impacting how the brain

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When your sympathetics are stuck ‘on’

“The Function of the nervous system is to Perceive the Environment and Coordinate the Behaviour of all other Cells”   – Dr. Bruce Lipton – Nobel Peace Prize Winner In our practice we are monitoring your level of nerve system balance between your sympathetic system and parasympathetic system. Why? Your output

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Prevention and Chiropractic?

Prevention is not possible. Why do I say this. If you come in as your body is not functioning or expressing it self in a symptom free manner and apply chiropractic care – your expectation would be is that it never comes back? This is untrue. If you had a

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Helping a baby shift to rest and relax

As a baby; they are designed to grow and develop through stages of ease while eating, sleeping, having affection, and many diaper changes, (or potty time if you are not diapering). When a babe is not in a state of rest and relax they struggle with focusing on growth and

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Finish the Set

I had the opportunity to read a great morning blog this morning about finishing the set and pushing through. We are all so focused on outcomes but not the process and the work walking through whatever it is we are trying to accomplish to get the desired outcome. Some don’t

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Chiropractic and Pregnancy

Bottom Line: A woman’s body undergoes many transformations during the nine months or 40 weeks (approximately) of pregnancy. Some of these changes are visible, such as an expanding belling, while others, such as morning sickness, heartburn and backaches, may not be visible but equally well known. Then there are a

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