Chiropractic Wakes Up!

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Chiropractic wakes up, arouses, the bodies natural ability to heal.

Chiropractic adjustments don’t treat pain or other symptoms. A chiropractic adjustment reduces and removes nervous system interference to support and awaken the bodies ability to heal on its own.

Let me make an analogy. When you go to see a personal trainer you don’t expect them to treat your muscles to make them stronger? You expect them to guide you to better movement and provide exercises to help you get stronger. The trainer themselves does not get you stronger. The work you put in with repetition, movement, mindset, and nutrition supports your bodies ability to get stronger.

Somewhere along the way individuals see chiropractic from an allopathic perspective and assume we are fixing their symptoms and as a result when they feel better, versus when they are actually healthier, they stop doing what they need to do to move towards health. They then slowly break down comfortably as their bodies natural signal to tell them their is a problem is suppressed or blocked.

As a result of individuals perception of chiropractic, some get frustrated when their bodies don’t change or heal as they expected. Why does one person age 35 heal differently than another 35 year old? Well healing is dependent on the work invested by the individual. What do I mean? It’s dependant on the individuals past and present lifestyle, nutritional intake, hydration levels, mindset, movement, and what input one is exposed to. What do I mean by the latter? If you are surrounded by negative messages coming into your thoughts, your vision, your hearing, or body overall, your results will be very different than someone that is surrounded by someone whom is encouraging them every day, not watching tv, or social media all day which can bombard an individual someone with negative messaging all day long. I see it over and over especially in our kids under the age of 5; change happens significantly faster when tv, iPads, tablets and technology are removed.

Making change in one’s lifestyle, input of movement, nutrients, mindset etc can drastically impact results – those results will be a reflection of the inputs you choose!

Chiropractic care is a team approach, it is active – not passive. Chiropractic care, whereby a specific scientific chiropractic adjustment is provided to an individual with intention, awakens the bodies inner healer thus allowing the body to function, heal, adapt and self regulate more effectively whilst the client participates in supporting the change!

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