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RAISING THE NEXT GENERATION DRUG FREE. This has been a premise of chiropractic since inception of chiropractic and continues today. Helping children and families live their life to their very best without the use of drugs and surgery. This is done through chiropractic to optimize how the body functions and heals so it hopefully never needs drugs or surgery.

Steps for wellness;

We have missed the mark in the wellness industry as a whole – we don’t speak loud enough nor as a profession have pockets deep enough to be the loudest. We are trying.

Wellness is a puzzle that is dynamic that ebbs and flows with moveable parts. It is not just one thing, one pill, one supplement, or one exercise!

What do I mean? I will share an example here – Gut health – yes it is super is important yet it is not the be all end all to help you overcome everything including fatigue. Gut health has become a billion dollar industry. Your gut is one piece of the puzzle for your children and for you.

Wellness – looks to the cause, with chiropractic the primary integral part. Wellness looks at the underlying neurology to see how the body is adapting, self regulating and interpreting what it see’s, thinks, feels, what physical stressors it is exposed to, chemical and mental and emotional ones too. These factors impact how your nerve system and physiology respond. For example when you touch a hot stove your skin tells your brain its hot get your hand off that and it responds through tissue damage in the form of a burn and a learned response, perhaps fear of a stove top. Examining ones nerve system tells us where your body is holding stress from various past or ongoing experiences and how it has adapted or protected itself as a result.

Wellness looks at how you are supporting your child’s health. Are you putting deposits into their health bank account every day? Those deposits being nutrients, movement, joy, laughter, vision, goals, connection with family and community to name a few.

Wellness allows kids to be kids. Allows toddlers to sit on their own unassisted by equipment. Allows toddlers to crawl on their own then walk versus pushing the reflex arc of the body to be upright before it is ready. Wellness is natural.

Nutrients: Are the nutrients that are feeling your children beneficial? Healthy fats, proteins and carbohydrates? Do they fuel your children’s body appropriately based on their output?

Hydration – Essential to day to day – your child’s body, as is yours made up of approximately 70% water. Are you replenishing your water throughout the day based on demand?

Are your children getting good sleep routines and having ease with sleeping? Is sleep a priority?

Are your children overloaded or are they self regulating and adapting well or in other words in cruise control? Let me differentiate comfort versus cruise control. As being comfortable, that too is unhealthy – your littles bodies, minds, and spirits always need to be challenged to get stronger and have greater resiliency and adaptability. These challenges to your child’s physiology need to happen in a safe supportive environment so children can grow stronger versus feel unsafe and register as harm.

Mindset – Stay Mentally Active – This relates to my last bullet point – are your children happy? Are they surrounded by individuals that encourage them and speak life into them? Surrounded by friends who support them? Do they feel worthy? What do you do daily with intention to increase their mental health bank accounts?

Movement – are your children moving and playing 2 hours a day minimum? Increasing their heart rate?

Remain Socially involved – not off the charts booked to go to three different mom’s group so or play dates every day? Are your children engaged with other children and not sitting alone on a tablet, computer, gaming station or television? Are they learning communication and conflict resolution skills through friends and interaction?

Cook most your own meals – this relates to my point on nutrition. Do you cook your meals for your children so you can make sure high quality nutrient dense foods are being consumed by everyone! Family dinners are great for this and they evoke conversation, communication and connection.

Minimize Mental Stress by planning your health into the schedule after birthdays and anniversary’s. Don’t just fill health in the cracks. If you leave your health for the cracks in the schedule the results you will get will be just that. you get out what you invest in. Invest in time, energy, focus, and yes finances are a part of investing in your health. It takes planning your finances to invest in your families health and seeing the value in being healthy now and taking action now for future health.

Wellness begins with you – Do you need support learning how to incorporate wellness strategies for you and your family?

Family Wellness Chiropractors are too the most essential part of wellness to make sure your nerve system – that controls and coordinates and integrates all of these strategies, is working for you? Family Wellness Chiropractors should be in your favourites list in your phone and everyone should have them! If you are not sure where to look – reach out and ask – we will work to help you find someone close to you –

Reach out, DM us, ask questions, come in for a conversation or consultation to learn more! You deserve to be healthy, so do your kids!

Dr. Wendy Coburn

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