Health and Healing is a journey at any age

Depending on how early stress or trauma was introduced and for how long or how much directly impacts one’s healing journey.

If a babe is injured through physical, toxic or mental/emotional trauma during pregnancy or birth they can perceive life through the lens of defence thus impacting how the brain coordinates and processes information and thus respond to it!

As an adult if stress or the trauma of toxins, physical or mental/emotional injury only happened yesterday and never before your healing journey will look different.

Healing journeys vary due to the onset, age of onset, frequency, intensity and current lifestyle or environment in which an individual lives.

Where does chiropractic fit in? Chiropractors are neurospinal doctors. If your nerve system was in your arm we would be considered neuroarm doctors.

We focus on the nerve system to see if the signals travelling to your brain are clear or blocked and if the message or response coming out is clear or not.


If you have a subluxation in your spine it can distort incoming messages and outgoing responses.

As a chiropractor we look for and detect subluxation through the spine which impedes the normal signals of the nerve system and how you interact with your environment.

Subluxations can yes cause tight muscles or stress or strain in joints – yet that is only part of the issue. It’s making sure that internal doctor that you have is constantly checking, healing, repairing and replacing cells, adapting to the environment to allow your body to work at its very best or in other words highest potential.

Stay tuned for more to come – I hope this has made you go Ah that makes sense or create more questions.

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