Health and Healing

Ever watch a rocket ship take off?

At first, it looks like the rocket is barely moving. It ignites in a thunderous roar and begins to inch up really, really slowly from the launch pad. Even though there’s massive thrust, the rocket is too heavy to move fast.

If you took a snapshot of a rocket right after ignition, you might assume it’s going to fail. Progress becomes visible only if you watch the rocket over a long period of time.

Life and healing works the same way.

When you first begin care, a workout routine, or whatever, it often feels like you’re pushing, pushing, and pushing – and nothing much is happening.

Often when individuals start care the changes that occur can seem slow and have little impact. There are sometimes numerous times when individuals may think what they are doing is not working…… Some stop, some slow down, (slowing healing momentum), some take a break or pause care, and some even fail to launch because they are not seeing immediate and huge results.

It feels heavy – much like a rocket taking off – intimidated by a load that they were sure they could not carry or see past the point they were at.

Many don’t even get to the launch pad because they fear time, effort, energy and their goals or vision for their health or their children’s dwindles once they see the work, time, effort, consistency and investment it takes. It takes responsibility for one’s own health direction and finance.

All these are valid fears: at early stages of care, and looking at the beginning of a plan of care may appear daunting and fall short of what you want it to look like. I.e. one and done. “I don’t want to put effort in to become healthier, I want someone else to do the work and fix me yesterday and someone else to pay.”

Despite appearances and uncertainty when you have not gone on your own chiropractic journey before, health and healing and greater function springs into existence with consistency and time – and implementing healthy habits, whilst eliminating old ones. (We will discuss this in another newsletter). Every individual, every parent must push through these early stages to reach the healing and health potential that lies beyond them. No one starts day one in the gym with 5% body fat and a six pack of abs.

If things feel heavy at first, it’s because they are heavy. You’ve ignited your rocket – and it’s going to take a while for you to find your way to your destination – please note your destination may change as your vision grows.

So stop comparing yourself to other rockets who’ve already reached escape velocity. They’ve been at this for months, if not years. Individuals are notorious for comparing themselves and their Children’s progress to others —- and mostly to people who have different starting points and launch pads. Som too whom have been on a healing / health journey far longer than they have.

A budding tree wouldn’t look at a full-grown tree and feel ashamed. We wouldn’t criticize a seed for not having any roots. We’d give it the time and the water it needs to grow.

Do the same for yourself and each other.

Focus on your own trajectory, and recognize where in the “take off process” other people are — whether it be you, or a family member.

Move up one inch.

And then another.

And then another.

The higher you climb, the lighter things will feel — I promise.

A small thing – repeated, becomes a big thing. Every time.

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