I want to try it

“I want to see if Chiropractic Works.”

If you start a new business, buy a business, start work on a new venture do you “Just try to see if it works?” or Do you go all out, do all that you can and make it work?

Chiropractic works every time – depending on the amount of stress, inflammation, fight or flight one has going on in one’s body determines how or how quickly. For some there is a point where there is so much damage, one can only work to not get worse.

The body heals itself – it works on this daily by repairing and replacing cells.

Sometimes the body and brain have to fix things that are damaged that we are unaware of or cannot feel, before a symptom of pain. The body and the brain are amazing – they came from 2 half cells and the body and brain are smarter than the science we have to prove how it works. Trust the body. It was created to be healthy – it will heal given the right environment – if you don’t give it the right environment the likelihood of it healing is lessened.

Chiropractic works every time – it depends greatly on the environment one continues to live in. If you change nothing – nothing changes – If you keep doing the same thing you will get the same result – the definition of insanity. Healing takes time – it is a process as damage accumulates over days, weeks, months and years. Trust your body – care for it – change what you are doing – take action – the more action you take the more your health will change. Consistency over time. Our body is made of 100 trillion cells, 77 trillion nerve fibres pass through the first vertebrae of the spine.

Change happens with the weight of a dime – be it positive or negative depending on what is applied to the system.

Chiropractic is not a “Treatment that is applied to remove a condition.” Chiropractic removes the interference and the body does the rest. The power in the body heals the body. We just remove the interference to it.

Dr. Wendy Coburn

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