Is your Baby constantly crying or overly fussy? Why does your Baby, teen or yourself have a Noisy Brain and Body?

This happens when the messaging flowing through the brain and body is interrupted because the proprioceptors can’t receive the right input to send information to the brain for the brain to process. Instead the message is nociceptive or disconnected or another term is dys-afferentation. Dys-autonomic, dys-afferentation leads to dys-regulation and dys-organization within the neurospinal system. The signals the brain is receiving and emitting are truly responding to what is being interpreted. So if the body or brain is getting the wrong message or signal the body responds to the signal it actually is interpreting.

When one has a noisy body or brain signals outwardly also shared as symptoms vary. Causes can be prenatal stress or trauma, birth trauma, or injuries associated with traumas, toxins, mental and emotional stress and now technology. Technology impacts us physically through posture yes but more so it’s drive for more input, more images, more and more into our brain driving a dopamine response, but also blue light impact through our eyes and response in the brain as well.

Chiropractic helps reset the messaging and helps the neurospinal system move towards balance and clearer signals so the brain and body will respond in a greater state of ease and output. I.e. rest, digest, sleep and function /self regulate to its best abilities. Through removing interference to the nerve system the body heals functions and self regulates better as it is created to do. Without going into all of the anatomy and physiology – a chiropractic adjustment creates a positive chain reaction and input into the neurospinal system to support normal function.

Changing or resetting the messaging takes consistently. When you are learning something new it takes repetition to to perfect it. The body and neurospinal system is the same.

Chiropractic removes the interference. Chiropractic helps the body get rid of the static in the signals.

Time, consistency and supportive inputs help this healing and help with improved self regulation and improved functioning.

think of a fussy baby. They can’t calm or rest. Their neuro inputs are constantly firing in a state of disarray and create “internal noise,” so they can’t relax, are more easily overloaded and in order to reset the system or balance out the signal need to create an output to encourage inner calm. One way to do this can be crying and crying a lot depending on how much the nerve system is out of balance


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