Joy in the Moment

As life continues marching forward slow and quickly at the same time – don’t forget to seek Joy.

What does seeking joy look like?

It takes time and consistency to create a focus on seeking or choosing joy.

One of my favourite times of day to seek joy is first thing isn’t he morning or the end of the day.

In the morning I think of the things I love and will get an opportunity to do that day!

In the evening I think of all the things I accomplished or that I am grateful for. The latter being the most important.

You have probably heard this several times coming at you from different directions – but maybe this time it will help you take a step.

Taking time each day to writ out 5-10 or maybe even 1 thing you were grateful for each day for 21 days or better yet 6 weeks! And it helps rewire you’re thoughts and outlook. Neuroplastic changes start to happen.

Kind of like chiropractic – repetition and time – neuroplastic changes – this blog post is not about that.

Try it. Choose joy – choose a joyful response. Choose a different way to respond to things than you normally would that best serves you versus harms you. Choose to take steps that make you laugh an smile. Choose joy to show yourself where abundance lies in your life!

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