Life Like an Apple Connected to it’s Source or a Bad Apple! Where do you stand?

Why does the bad apple spoil the bunch? Is it because they are all disconnected from the source of LIFE.

You’ve heard that saying often in your life, but have you ever really wondered why adding one bad apple spoils the other apples around them?

The main reason is simple – the other apples are no longer connected to their source. They are VULNERABLE to outside stressors.

When a living thing is under stress, it relies on it’s connection to the source of LIFE for response. An apple that is not yet picked from a tree, is still connected to source and will therefore not perish. If you put a rotten apple against an apple that has not been picked, it does not perish.

An apple that has been picked, is disconnected from source, and therefore vulnerable to outside stressors, such as the presence of a decaying apple right next to it.

Moral: Is obvious. In order for any living thing to be healthy and be able to adapt to stress, it needs to be connected to it’s source. A subluxation disconnects a person from their source, and they become vulnerable to breakdown from outside stressors.

An adjustment reconnects them to source of LIFE, and makes their body inherently stronger and less likely to break down. Simple.

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