Life Wasn’t Meant to be Lived on Pause. Press Play!


Play where you are at! What do I mean exactly? Begin playing from where you are at. Right now we are in a season we never have in humanity before – where everyone is quarantined or has been at some point. A time where more than ever we need to remember to play – laugh – engage – connect. Life and health is based on connections. Especially on the inside.

Conversation, face time, and now playgrounds, gyms and businesses are re-opening – the need for connection is crucial for health. As you return to activities in some form or another please allow for connection even if it still needs to be 2 meters apart. Make eye contact, smile, share a joke or story to engage.

Humans thrive on and with connection. We break down and become sick when we don’t have it. Connect – Play! The speed of play may look different still for a while but don’t rewind and stay on pause.