Milestone Factors for Your Baby

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Other factors that can impact interference to a child’s neurospinal health to consider.

Some of the factors that play a role in your infants growth a development include but are not limited to; the health of mom and dad preconception. Ensuring mom and dad are functioning at their best will support a more adaptive, and resilient physiology supporting motor milestone development and sequencing.

Any chemicals that baby may be introduced to such as IVF, pharmaceuticals, GMO’s, processed foods, pain relievers have the potential to impact neural efficiency.

Any physical stress during pregnancy such as prolonged sitting, accidents, falls, inactivity, or sometimes excessive activity can be a factor in the level of interference to your child’s nervous system.

The number one cause is mental and emotional overload or negative stress such as employment change, loss, worry, financial hardship, etc can shift the nervous system more into fight or flight impacting ease and thus sequencing of milestone development as observed within chiropractic practices around North America.

Also interventions that create traction to the skull and spinal cord during delivery can increase interference to a babies nervous system again by causing the infants neurospinal system to be stuck in sympathetic dominance and making the sympathetic system not function as it should effectively.

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