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You have the ability to heal yourself from the inside out. We support you in reconnecting with the power that is within your body that allows you to function at your best, every time without exception.
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Chiropractic Treatment Hours: 

8am – 11am  &  3pm – 6pm

8am – 11am

2:30pm – 4:30pm

8am – 11am  &  3pm – 6pm

One Village Family Chiropractic Community

Whether new, newly expecting or well established, we encourage gentle chiropractic care for your entire family to properly detect and correct misalignments in order to restore the flow of critical nerve impulses and responsiveness through the spine and body. Sit and be examined by leading chiropractic technology; lay relaxed and be cared for by safe, gentle hands in order to release the innate recuperative power of the body; and rise up to your true potential with an individual care plan designed specifically to address your unique health and wellness goals. Dr. Wendy Coburn is here for you. 

We invite you to come together, join our community and experience the truth about chiropractic care in order to adjust the health futures of your family.

It takes a village to mend the gaps in any generation and offer new beginnings free from pain or discomfort. It takes just One Village.

Located in Edmonton’s Crestwood neighbourhood, we service patients from all over central Edmonton and area including: downtown Edmonton, Morinville, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Leduc, Sherwood Park and St. Albert.

Appointments are best, but we do accept walk in patients.

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Serving two locations:

West Edmonton’s longest standing Practices with its third owner and name change over the last 45 years. Though our location slightly moved east from 96 ave and 152 street to 96 ave and 142 street and our name changed from West Edmonton Chiropractic to One Village Chiropractic our hearts to serve our community and families continue to grow

West Edmonton: Suite 203-9670 142 Street NW
Crestwood Professional Building

November 15, 2023 I opened a Satelite Clinic within the Gibbard Block or @Sparrowcowork space next to @LucinaMidwives @fenixconsulting Webster technique pregnancy care pediatric care gentle care wellness holistic care @@outlinehomes next to @highlandsyoga and many more amazing businesses @foxburger @mandolincafe

North-East Edmonton: 205-6425 112 Avenue NW
Gibbard Block – Sparrow Cowork

Chiropractic Products

We’re proud to supply these popular products that we’ve found to be so helpful to our patients. Each one can be picked up at our studio!

Denneroll Neck Orthotic to support the restoration of normal healthy neck Chiropractic Biophysics Structural Correction of the Spine CBP Dr. Deed Harrison

Denneroll, Neck Support Pillow

$65 - $85

Vitamin D Pure Encapsulations Drops / Liquid

22.5 ml Bottle - $28.95
Chiroflow water pillow is great for migraines and sleeping positions as you can vary the amount of water and thickness we also carry Normalizer Canadian made pillows with varying curves for back and side sleepers

Water Pillow by Chiro Flow

Ligament Restore supplement made with BioCell Collagen at One Village Chiropractic West Edmonton Highlands Edmonton North East Edmonton Downtown Edmonton

Ligament Restore by Pure Encapsulations 120 Caps


Classic Sit Disc


Chiropractic care for expectant mothers

Chiropractor for infants, children

Promote growth and development for infants and children

Chiropractic care for individuals and families


For health and wellness education

Dr. Wendy's Blog


How To Strengthen Your Nervous System

Your never system controls and coordinates the communication of all of your organs, cells, tissues, and systems. The stronger that your brain/nervous system is, the better your adaptability, self regulation to day to day stress or overload. Chiropractic care detects where you are holding stress or tension in your nerve

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Drug Free Paediatric CARE

RAISING THE NEXT GENERATION DRUG FREE. This has been a premise of chiropractic since inception of chiropractic and continues today. Helping children and families live their life to their very best without the use of drugs and surgery. This is done through chiropractic to optimize how the body functions and

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What are Normal Developmental Movement Milestones for Newborns?

Developmental movement milestones at birth are super important for other normal, natural and healthy milestone development. When baby is conceived the first thing that develops is their nerve system, then all of their organs and systems after that. The nerve system plays a crucial role in development and growth at

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Physical, Mental/emotional, Chemical, Technical stressors can cause subluxation that requires a chiropractor to support health and wellness

Back To School and Children’s Health

School age children are starting to expand their horizons & explore the larger world around them. The introduction of school, new friends, their neighborhood & community at large expands their experience beyond their immediate family environment. This time of life is critical for establishing independence, gaining confidence & growing physically

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Join our village and make new, heartfelt connections.

Chiropractic Hours & Location

8am – 11am  &  3pm – 6pm

8am – 11am

2:30pm – 4:30pm

8am – 11am  &  3pm – 6pm

We are located in Crestwood Centre, off 142 Street

#203 9670 142 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T5N 4B2

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Join our village and make new, heartfelt connections.