Walking – why it is so amazing!

Let’s Get Walking Edmonton Alberta

You don’t need more equipment, time, or a building. Get outside – A: its good for you B: its free

Walking provides the most benefits with the least amount of effort.

It has been shown to decrease anxiety, reduce the risk of heart disease but 30% if done over 20 minutes a day, helps preserve that elusive muscle mass that starts quickly deteriorating at 40, helps maintain balance and coordination. Balance and coordination like anything if we don’t use it we lost it and is a crucial part to brain and nerve system health.

Is walking the one fix for everything? No – but it helps a lot – done daily – done consistently to help your body and brain work together to keep you at your best. Great for all walking ages.

Those things that you ignore now you pay for later. Putting off today will bite you later 10 fold.

Get at it – schedule it – add a timer in your phone – instead of sitting at a booth alone sitting looking at your phone on your break or lunch today – go for a walk without your phone in hand. Enjoy the outdoors.

Walking will increase your focus, your energy, your productivity, your mood.

Let’s get at it Edmonton!

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