I went to Dr. Coburn because I couldn’t turn my neck to one side. She gave me the option of treating the neck issue or going through a more comprehensive treatment for my whole back. I opted rather reluctantly for the latter because I had recently broken my arm and was feeling contracted and crooked. Well, what a great choice that was! I feel more robust than I have in years and I think more clearly! I love the Denneroll that she prescribed and have started foundation training under her guidance. In only a few minutes most days they keep my back open and strong. Dr. Coburn works with great sensitivity. She is a clear and concise teacher. She never startles with unanticipated movement. Through her gentle adjustments she has taught me to feel my best alignment. She is great with kids, even very young ones. She has the generous heart of a true healer. She is flexible with the appointments and responsive to questions whether by email or personally. I feel blessed to have Dr. Coburn in my life.
— Lawrie Smith
Dr Wendy does excellent work! If it wasnt for her , I wouldn't be able to walk normally , because I had problematic IT band and hip issues. Her process is very modern , quick and efficient compared to others in her field and her manner is very caring , genuine and sincere. Not only did I have a 95 percent cure of the hip issues , I have found my sleep to be so much better and my immune system is much stronger. She is a fantastic educator and a necessary addition to preventative health care! Also her office is beautiful, warm and welcoming. As well she has been treating our son who suffered a severe brain injury for several years now. She is highly dedicated and committed to seeing him improve and he has! She has gone over and above! I highly recommend her!!
— Tracy Lucas
I'm so thankful to have found Dr. Coburn! It's been 8 months since first walking into her office and what a difference she has made in my life! My back decided to stop working in the spring of 2016 after a lifetime of problems. Not knowing who to see, I contacted a great chiropractor in Calgary I knew to see if he had any recommendations for Edmonton, and he suggested Dr. Coburn. I called her office and got in the next day and treatment started right away. I loved the "info session" because it helped me understand the huge value of chiropractic care, and I'm grateful she sent me for X-rays because I finally had an answer as to why I had so many back problems over the years - my spine was a mess. Dr. Wendy isn't only concerned with my back, but with my overall health; she is sooo encouraging and offers help for things like eating and sleeping better, and targeted exercises to strengthen specific muscles. I have never found her to be rushed, always taking time to answer my many questions. As well, she is genuinely compassionate and kind. 2 thumbs up!!! Many many thanks to Dr. Wendy!!
— Sheri Price
Dr. Coburn's work has had a major impact on my life in the ways I anticipated, but also in many others. She has a gift and a passion for healing and I'm thankful to have found her. Sincerely and with much appreciation."
— Sherry-Lee Heschel
"Headaches improved, no more migraines, shoulder pain improved, back pain improved, neck pain improved."
— Peter
"I started with severe back pain and now have none. Diet improved, no personal stress, less work stress, exercise has improved, experienced 2 rear-ender collisions while under care and the adjustments prevented whiplash effects, and over the past 10 years I have not had really any colds. I was surprised by the drastic improvement especially in the beginning when I was almost immobilized by back pain. The education I have gained here has improved my diet especially moving towards a more anti-inflammatory diet. Knowledge about strengthening and stretching exercises has helped me too."
— Sharon
"Decreased back and neck pain and managing life stresses better. Enjoying retirement now with the ability to travel, golf, and have the ability to care for, and keep up with my grandchildren, pain free."
— Ruth
"I used to live with migraines on a daily basis, I didn’t remember the time when I didn’t have them. My migraines are now gone. I will still get a bad headache when life gets out of control, but I have learned tools to manage the stress to prevent headaches. One of my go to tools I do for myself is managing my food intake. Thanks to Dr. Coburn she has helped me a lot. My life has changed so much."
— Trisha
"In the spring of 2014 I was involved in a motor vehicle collision and hurt my back. I found myself returning to see Dr. Coburn as she had helped me in years past with injuries. I felt relief with my first adjustment and it wasn’t long that I became very aware that I had more to deal with than just back injury. I had one of my kidneys removed due to cancer in the summer of 2013 and although the surgery had been successful, I wasn’t feeling that I had fully recovered. I was without energy and it seemed to take so much effort to accomplish daily living. As well, my job stress was at a maximum and was really wearing me down. At first I was going into the chiropractic office for treatment of my back injury but gradually I found myself thinking more and more about how I was taking care of myself in general. Just having the appointments, made time for me to focus on my health. Soon, the appointments became more about taking stock of my life and dealing with my lack of energy. The continued care gave my body a consistent message; that my overall well being was improving and soon I actually felt I was moving forward. I had stopped going for regular adjustments years ago as I felt better and thought I didn’t need them anymore. This recent experience has shown me that the regular visit keeps a consistent focus on not only my own well being but my quality of life."
— Rudy D.
"Wendy as discussed yesterday at our annual Doctors check up - I personally need to thank you for treating my lower back issues. I came to you in approximately 2001 with severe lower back problems. At the time my family doctor did x-rays of my lower back and discovered I had severe degenerative disc disease at L5- Sl. There was spondyloysis of pars interatricularis of L5 and a grade 1 spondylolisthesis of L5 on S1. This diagnosis to me was lots of lower back pain, the doctor telling me that I could should not run and do triathlons anymore, and prescriptions of anti inflammatory to help deal with the pain. This is when I met you to see if there were other options to deal with my lower back problems. To make a long great story short, you took the time to work with me by utilizing chiropractic adjustments and exercises to improve my core stability. My back is 100% better, I have not taken any pain killers or anti inflammatories for at least 4 years for my back and I'm leading a very active life (i.e. running, tiathlons, weight lifting, climbing, water skiing, snow skiing, snow shoeing etc.).Thanks again to improving my quality of life!"
— Doug Costigan
"Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Marie Seward, I’m 31 years old. I’m married to Alex Seward and we have a dog named Princess. I was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario. We moved here to Edmonton, Alberta in September of 2012.

Prior to meeting Dr. Wendy, I had only heard of Chiropractors. I would hear on the news that some pro-basketball player was injured and getting Chiropractic treatments and I assumed that it was something for people like that. I had never known that I had spinal subluxations and I was never told by my family doctor about Chiropractors. During ‘annual check-ups’ by my family doctor, my spine was never x-rayed. Over the years I suffered from shoulder pain, shoulder stiffness, joint pain, headaches, and menstrual pain. The worst is about to come so brace yourself: In September of 2012, I started to have severe, excruciating tendonitis in both feet and up to the ankles area. Both feet and up to the lower calf area were swollen up very badly, and there was also a blue coloration. This constant pain was unbearable, I truly thought my life was in danger every day. I could not even put any weight on either leg to stand up or walk. My husband had to carry me to the bathroom, carry me to the bed, carry me to the couch where I suffered in my day’s dwelling. If I was forced to go somewhere, I would be in so much pain that I almost passed out from only standing or walking. At home, I actually did pass-out from the severity of the pain. I would try to hold my screams of pain in and get to a private place like our apartment where I would then scream so loud in pain that I feared Police would be called to our apartment. I would scream in pain that way for around 45 minutes until I would almost pass-out or melt away into my cries.

The Good News: I met Dr. Wendy in November of 2012, my life will never be the same. Dr. Wendy diagnosed my 2 spinal subluxations, my hips out of alignment, and arthritis in my shoulders. My spinal subluxations were causing the tendonits, and thus causing me that pain. I have been receiving treatments from Dr. Wendy since I saw her for about 2-3 times a week. Each treatment I receive gives me overwhelming physical relief. I am soooo pleased to report that since around the end of February of 2013 I have had absolutely no foot, or ankle pain, no lower leg pain. My tendonitis is completely gone. My shoulder pain and stiffness in the shoulders is also gone! I don’t have menstrual pains, headaches or joint pain anymore. I’m completely in awe of what Dr. Wendy has done for me! There aren’t words to describe how I feel now. When I go for walks with my dog, every step that I take I almost tear-up thinking about what Dr. Wendy has done and what God has done for me. I went from being in excruciating, debilitating pain to now being in the best physical health of my life. I have never felt so good in my whole life. Dr. Wendy is my hero. My life is forever changed because of her.

Can’t wait for you to also meet Dr. Wendy and see how your life changes :)"
— Marie Seward
"You are the best chiropractor I have ever had since is started care in my 20's..." (Current age 38)
— L Condron
"I ♥ West Edmonton Family Chiropractic because Dr. Colburn takes the time to investigate the source of my body's ailments and treats that rather than the symptom. As a result, I definitely have more energy and better range of motion. Our family visits have become part of our lifestyle and we are very grateful for that."
— J
"I love West Edmonton Family Chiropractic Studio because I'm always greeted like family, and my overall health and outlook have been improved and inspired :)"
— Jasmine A. Bouman
“ I really enjoy coming to WEFC. Dr. Coburn is great! So friendly and really cares, not just about your chiropractic process but your life. She’s very personable as is everyone at WEFC. Everyone know all the patients by names and are always happy to see you!"
— Rowan Fox
“WEF Chiropractic Studio has been instrumental in improving our families health. Dr. Wendy and Crystal have always been professional and kind. We continue to enjoy your service."
— L