What are Normal Developmental Movement Milestones for Newborns?


Developmental movement milestones at birth are super important for other normal, natural and healthy milestone development.

When baby is conceived the first thing that develops is their nerve system, then all of their organs and systems after that. The nerve system plays a crucial role in development and growth at all stages – even from the beginning.

There are three areas of focus in the newborn as they grow and develop.

  1. Head and neck control! Head and neck control, control of movement and muscle activation via the nerve system is so important for rooting. Rooting is where baby is looking to feed and latch. It is their search mechanism. Head and neck control allows baby to comfortably position themselves to nurse or take a bottle.

2. The second important natural reflex is the control of babies mouth, lips and tongue to aid in the suck reflex and swallow to support feeding.

3. Eat, Sleep, Rest and Digest is also the normal state for a newborn. A state of calm and relaxed tone – not under active either is a normal state. A stiff, ‘ sometimes perceived as super strong’, due to holding their body so tight, is not normal or a natural state of health either. If a newborn is stiff, lacks ease of arm and leg motion, is able to stand supported on furniture in the first few weeks or months this can be a sign they are skipping a foundational step.

The order of development is more important than the speed of development. If you baby or toddler isn’t ahead it is ok, just focus on a good direction and not missing steps, building a strong foundation first is key.

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