Your Spinal Column and Nervous System – Anatomy 101


Your brain receives and processes millions of pieces of information about your environment in and around you every moment. Once the information is processed your brain sends out commands how to respond. These commands may be how your heart beats, how you digest your food, how to shoot a basketball, shoot a puck or what to wear today.

Your brain is so complex and amazing it can remember millions of things and express action, emotion and evoke inspiration.

Your brain sends information to all of your organs, cells, and limbs. How? How does your brain know if you are stepping on something sharp or touching something hot?

Coming out of your skull from your brain is your spinal cord made up of billions of nerve “wires,” that run up and down your back through the bones of your back. The spinal cord is housed by the vertebrae or bones of your back.

Your spine or vertebral column is made up of 24 moveable vertebrae and 9 fused.

7 cervical or neck vertebrae

12 thoracic or mid back vertebrae

5 lumbar or low back vertebrae

1 sacrum or tailbone made up of 5 fused vertebrae that fuse in late teen/adult age

1 coccyx base of tailbone made up of 4 small fused verterae

24 moveable and 9 fused or fixed vertebrae for a total of 33 segments!