Teachings and Speaking Engagements

Imagine a village led not by the cold fists of a brief, impersonal, unsatisfying and overworked medical system, but by the gentle, healing touch and wisdom of warm, kind and compassionate health practitioners, communicators, teachers, caretakers and innovative heart and thought-leaders determined to foster not just a better day, but a series of ideal tomorrows for all who invest their time, attention and trust in the powerful words and soft, cradling hands of the well-educated and the well-adjusted.

The doctors and professionals at One Village frequently provide workshops and seminars to help our community members define, work toward and reach a diversity of goals. While these group discussions are often health related, we enjoy helping others develop the skills and disciplines needed for high achievement, success and ultimate joy in every aspect of life.

In addition to our in-house community workshops, as part of our commitment to educate and promote optimal physical, mental and spiritual health and wellness, we make our time and services available for such on-site speaking engagements as:

Corporate and workplace wellness talks

Service and special interests groups

Church or social club presentations

Spinal screenings and presentations for sports associations

School and classroom presentations

Learn how to go forth and give rise to a better, brighter and healthier future.

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