Chiropractic Care Process

From the overworked and the overburdened to the bodies of the overplayed or the underused… from moments of busy toddler rearing to demanding desk chair steering; for those with child or those in pain or duress to those simply in need of future care instruction or alternate health referrals, this is the time that we, as kindred-spirits in pursuit of well-rounded health and wellness, be mindful and bend a knee in order to rise up and stand corrected together.

Sit and be examined by the forefront in leading-edge, deep-seeing nerve and muscle scanning technology to help identify the root cause of your body stressors; lay relaxed, rest easy and be unwound and cared for by thoughtful handlers and teachers capable of aiding in the natural healing process of the being, give rise to the genesis of a precise and well-balanced individualized plan of care providing ease of mind and ease of pain when promoting healing and function with restorative health tailored to the unique needs of you and your family; and allow yourself to be moved by the promise of new beginnings, the power of unity, and by the revelation of freedom from pain, from fear of the unknown, and from disruption of your daily life and personal best.

Before your first appointment

If preparing for your first visit, please complete the following adult or child history forms and bring them with you:

What to expect at your first chiropractic visit 

Your initial assessment can last from 30 to 40 minutes. While appointments for adjustments to help your body heal better will be shorter, your first visit is designed to start formulating a picture of your health footprint. This health footprint is a direct reflection of your accumulated load of life – which is then displayed as your current health status.

This initial comprehensive assessment will help determine the causes of the problems and how to best care for you while working with you as a team. It takes a team. It takes a village. You are the most crucial part of the team by the action you take every day.

Please be sure to communicate your concerns, needs and goals to your chiropractor, and expect the history-taking portion of the visit to include questions about the following areas of your health:

Childhood activity levels and lifestyle

Overall body function including digestive health, allergies, etc.

Personal and family medical history

Major illnesses you have experienced

Surgeries or operations you have had

Medications you are taking

A description of your area(s) of concern

A description of the general state of your health

The steps you have taken to manage your condition

Your diet and exercise

Your sleeping habits

Your daily activities

Your work routine

Your stress level

Your home life

Following this health history discussion, we will conduct a posture exam and a series of painless nerve function tests. You may be required to get x-rays to correlate your health concerns. These simple tests will provide a baseline for how your body is functioning and healing. Your chiropractor will be happy to answer questions, address concerns and explain different care options to you. This may include strategies and changes in lifestyle practices. As part of your lifestyle care, we will remeasure these tests as your care continues to show how your body is healing and progressing.

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Join our village and make new, heartfelt connections.