Pillows and supplements

We’re proud to supply these popular products that we’ve found to be so helpful to our patients. Each one can be picked up at our studio!

Denneroll Neck Orthotic to support the restoration of normal healthy neck Chiropractic Biophysics Structural Correction of the Spine CBP Dr. Deed Harrison

Denneroll, Neck Support Pillow

$60 - $75

Vitamin D Pure Encapsulations Drops / Liquid

22.5 ml Bottle - $28.95
Chiroflow water pillow is great for migraines and sleeping positions as you can vary the amount of water and thickness we also carry Normalizer Canadian made pillows with varying curves for back and side sleepers

Water Pillow by Chiro Flow

Ligament Restore supplement made with BioCell Collagen at One Village Chiropractic West Edmonton Highlands Edmonton North East Edmonton Downtown Edmonton

Ligament Restore by Pure Encapsulations 120 Caps

Classic Sit Disc

West Edmonton Chiropractor - Dr. Wendy Coburn - Happy Healthy Family North East Edmonton Gibbard Block Highlands Forest Heights Ottewell Holyrood

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