These are stories about balance and harmony and the successful raising of a healthy village.

Stories where, in a busy world that weighs upon our backs and wears us down into the often painful realities of poor habits and lifestyle choices, of stress and noise and fear and confusion, there exists a house of order within a village of care and compassion. A setting of wisdom and hope, where families of any age and any design can gather as welcomed members of one flock, one village, in search of happiness, peace of mind, and yes, a lifetime of balance and harmony.

We hope these written and recorded stories and teachings move you and inspire you to take the next step in your journey toward complete health and wellness. This is a joint effort, and for that, we encourage you to join our ever-expanding One Village community with a welcomed comment, a phone call, or a visit to our warm and inviting studio.

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When your sympathetics are stuck ‘on’

“The Function of the nervous system is to Perceive the Environment and Coordinate the Behaviour of all other Cells”   – Dr. Bruce Lipton – Nobel Peace Prize Winner In our practice we are monitoring your level of nerve system balance between your sympathetic system and parasympathetic system. Why? Your output

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Input and Output: How your Nervous System Gets Stuck

In chiropractic we look to see how the body is perceiving the world, in other words input. Through input, someone perhaps may have altered perception which the brain coordinates and organized this causes/creates the bodies/brains – output. So if the output is not in a state of ease or an

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Prevention and Chiropractic?

Prevention is not possible. Why do I say this. If you come in as your body is not functioning or expressing it self in a symptom free manner and apply chiropractic care – your expectation would be is that it never comes back? This is untrue. If you had a

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