Prenatal Chiropractic Care

Prenatal Chiropractor in West Edmonton

Whether expecting child and experiencing pain and discomfort, or just expecting inspiration and guidance when navigating the complex relationship between you and your changing body, know that you are not alone.

As your body changes during pregnancy, so too do your needs. At One Village, we will make your adjustments as easy and relaxed as possible. Spinal tables with pelvic drops help create additional room for growing abdomens, and specially-designed pillows and other tools will help release muscle tension and make you more comfortable.

Regardless of the task or discussion – from the leveraging of multiple professionals and disciplines as a means for strategic health and wellness integration to healthy physical, mental and Mindset support and self-care techniques at home or in the workplace, to the benefits of safe and tender infant and adolescent chiropractic care to assist in optimal brain and nerve system function. As your nerve system is for the coordination of activities such as learning, emotions, motor control and organ function during critical development years – ours are family matters changing the health futures of our children and adjusting to mend the gaps in any generation.

In addition to helping ease the symptoms of pregnancy, prenatal chiropractic care promotes optimal conditions for an easier labor and birth. Adjustments such as the Webster Technique, which helps provide a better environment for babies to turn themselves into proper head-down position for delivery, can decrease labor time by as much as 25 percent for first-time mothers and up to 40 percent for mothers of multiple children.

Nature needs nurture.

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