Back to School Back to Sports – Back to maybe Injuries

So many things are happening in August – What is happening for you? Do you already feel like summer is over even though there is still a month to go?  Hockey schools have started – baseball for some just ended on the weekend and ack to school shopping.  Mom’s did you get a chance to unwind?  I know it has been a while since I blogged so I won’t cover too many topics today.  Just a heads up to get your kiddos in for pre-concussion testing, back to school posture checks and come learn what are the best bags for you and your kiddo’s to carry this year to minimize one of the stresses on their system.


Back to hockey school or other sports camps making sure your kiddos are getting their system replenished with lots of variety of berries, veggies, water and protein so they don’t start school depleted and end up with a cold or flu the first month. – for more information on this let us know.


As a chiropractor I am a resource – always feel free to email or call to any insight into how to help your child end summer and start school off with the most energy possible – and you too!!



Dr. Wendy








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