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Joy in the Moment

As life continues marching forward slow and quickly at the same time – don’t forget to seek Joy. What does seeking joy look like? It takes time and consistency to create a focus on seeking or choosing joy. One of my favourite times of day to seek joy is first

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chiropractic care at west Edmonton or one village family chiropractic and now to the Highlands chiropractic office location

Stress And Heart Rate Variability

Stress is the number one cause of imbalance within your body/physiology. Why is this important? If your body is out of balance physiologically it can limit your own bodies ability to function, heal and self regulate. Chronic stress – something that lasts longer than a few days or a couple

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Latching Difficulties

After your baby has arrived you find your little one is having challenges nursing or you are in pain? Check out chiropractic and here is why.

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Whatever is happening around you do what you can to thrive. Steps to take would entail moving your body 30 minutes a day. Drink 1/2 your body weight in water. Make sure you are up an hour earlier than usual and dedicate time to you! It’s the little things done

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Chiropractic Analogies

I want to share part of a chiropractic analogy I recently learned! Analogies help us gain a better understanding and different perspective than what perhaps we are used to. (Please note this is a totally fictitious example). If you need clarification from this analogy please reach out. Say someone comes

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Hello Edmonton – we are pleased to announce that we are re-open in the first phase here in Alberta. We are excited to see everyone and help anyone who is new to chiropractic or our practice. Please call if you have any questions. 780-484-2272

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