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25 Years and Counting!

This is the start of my 25 year in Practice. May 1999 is where this journey launched. The real beginning was as a teenager when I was a patient and learned about chiropractic or what I thought it was and slowly over time and experiences dove deeper into a greater

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How do I know if I or my child needs a chiropractor?

First off, chiropractic is different or medicine. Chiropractors don’t diagnose or treat medical conditions. Medicine treats symptoms and is symptom focused. If you are looking for me to share a specific symptom, my answer may surprise you. Everyone should go at every age. – Why? Why should I go cause

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Milestone Factors for Your Baby

Other factors that can impact interference to a child’s neurospinal health to consider. Some of the factors that play a role in your infants growth a development include but are not limited to; the health of mom and dad preconception. Ensuring mom and dad are functioning at their best will

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How does chiropractic work?

Universal forces are the forces of the environment which tend to break down or be destructive toward structural matter.  They tend to break matter down into its simplest components.  However, to carry on the cycles of life, material must be built up in the form of a living organism.  That is

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Physical, Mental/emotional, Chemical, Technical stressors can cause subluxation that requires a chiropractor to support health and wellness

Back To School and Children’s Health

School age children are starting to expand their horizons & explore the larger world around them. The introduction of school, new friends, their neighborhood & community at large expands their experience beyond their immediate family environment. This time of life is critical for establishing independence, gaining confidence & growing physically

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Helping a baby shift to rest and relax

As a baby; they are designed to grow and develop through stages of ease while eating, sleeping, having affection, and many diaper changes, (or potty time if you are not diapering). When a babe is not in a state of rest and relax they struggle with focusing on growth and

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Lose the Shoes

Lose the shoes – preferably indoors in the winter months. Being barefoot for everyone for periods of time helps to stimulate the brain and nerve pathways throughout the body. Having bare feet in our littles helps develop the nerve system. If you have a toddler learning to walk and it

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