The Rooting Reflex and Sucking Reflex in Babies

Dr. Rosen and SOT care

Did you know that the rooting reflex is supposed to be integrated and disappear as well as the sucking reflex by 6 months?

How do you know if your little is having a problem and how do you test it?

Early stages can show up as problems latching, spitting up, sensitive gag reflex. It can show up as tongue tie or high tension in baby whilst they “seem strong” at birth and have their shoulders around their ears. It too can show up as being fussy in the car seat at the vagus nerve can be impacted and negatively impacting the air way.

Best way to know – yes have your little checked for wellness at birth to ensure there is no interference, oral dysfunction from a Nuchal hand, cord around neck, difficult delivery with chemical or mechanical intervention, a short fast delivery, a long delivery, or even a great delivery can can sometimes create a shift causing tension impacting neurology and reflex integration.

A well check is crucial for every baby.

What is important in a little to support integrating reflexes?

Sensory stimulation and play is crucial for littles, ( and everyone). Having them on the floor next to you on their tummies! Contact evenly on their tummies with their head coming up past neutral is important. Absorbing sights, smells, sounds, tastes in their mouths, textures in their environment from birth and as well in utero.

Learn through observation and tactile – they live through their mouths. The last 4 years touch and sensation at a babies and toddlers mouth has been severely limited.

Talk to them when they are exploring so they can hear what they are touching being described. Noisy toys and vacuuming whilst they sleep is important. Crinkly sounds and objects are awesome to help them. For exploring with their mouth – wooden non painted toys are fantastic.

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