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Prevention and Chiropractic?

Prevention is not possible. Why do I say this. If you come in as your body is not functioning or expressing it self in a symptom free manner and apply chiropractic care – your expectation would be is that it never comes back? This is untrue. If you had a

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Chiropractic Subluxation

Subluxation. A term some people have heard of and others not so much. It is what chiropractic was founded on. Subluxation was a word that you had to be able to know and define inside and out when you applied to enter into chiropractic school. What is Subluxation? When tension

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Latching Difficulties

After your baby has arrived you find your little one is having challenges nursing or you are in pain? Check out chiropractic and here is why.

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Chiropractic Care

The body can react to stress be it physical, mental or emotional, nutritional, environmental you name it.  The bodies reaction can create a sympathetic response in the physiology and the body creates a snapshot or memory of that trauma or experience or stress, and it is stored away in the

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