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The Rooting Reflex and Sucking Reflex in Babies

Did you know that the rooting reflex is supposed to be integrated and disappear as well as the sucking reflex by 6 months? How do you know if your little is having a problem and how do you test it? Early stages can show up as problems latching, spitting up,

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What can create lower VAGAL TONE in Pediatrics?

Below is a list of things that can create lower vagal tone in pediatrics. Why is this significant as it can impact neuro development or growth and development, which too can impact how primitive reflexes integrate, but primarily from a chiropractic perspective – function. It can impact how the body

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Tempomandibular Dysfunction

What is tempomandibular dysfunction? What creates it and how can it show up? It can show up many many ways including but not limited to snoring, choking, trouble swallowing, jaw pain, neck pain, fight or flight responses, high palate, poor latching with nursing, tongue thrusts, tongue ties involvement, spitting up

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Did you know Dr. Coburn is on You Tube?

Attached below is a sample outline of some of the videos available on our You Tube Page. Please take a look at them and reach out if you have questions. Take into account if you have any underlying concerns that you should discuss with your provider before attempting. I’d love

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Did you know that Chiropractic help is for Everyone!

www.PXDocs.com As a family centred chiropractic practice we serve everyone. Those overloaded, suffering with stress, pain, a multitude of symptoms that are sick and tired and are struggling to find hope. Reach out for more information or a phone consultation to see if we align with you! Healing, answers and

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Drug Free Paediatric CARE

RAISING THE NEXT GENERATION DRUG FREE. This has been a premise of chiropractic since inception of chiropractic and continues today. Helping children and families live their life to their very best without the use of drugs and surgery. This is done through chiropractic to optimize how the body functions and

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What are Normal Developmental Movement Milestones for Newborns?

Developmental movement milestones at birth are super important for other normal, natural and healthy milestone development. When baby is conceived the first thing that develops is their nerve system, then all of their organs and systems after that. The nerve system plays a crucial role in development and growth at

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