Chiropractic Analogies


I want to share part of a chiropractic analogy I recently learned!

Analogies help us gain a better understanding and different perspective than what perhaps we are used to. (Please note this is a totally fictitious example).

If you need clarification from this analogy please reach out.

Say someone comes into a chiropractic office with outer knee pain. He was given the diagnosis of ITBand tendinitis. Inflamed tendon. This pain is limiting his ability to do his job each day in construction.

When reviewing the history – I learned he was in a car accident or had what we would call mechanical trauma. He too suffered anxiety as a teen so we would call emotional/mental trauma.

I suggested we review something as it relates to his occupation – Say I had hired him to do some renovations In my home on the second floor as my windows suddenly would not open – they had become tight or stuck. Perhaps one would look to change the window but upon deeper inspection one may find the foundation had shifted or cracked, the framing of the walls then had twisted and cracked two floors down thus shifting the upstairs and the window making it unable to open. Would it be logical to just change the window or fix the cause of the problem by fixing the foundation, going down to the studs to rebuild and stabilize the framing to fully correct everything?

To replace the window would not fix the problem but temporarily help you open the window until the cracked foundation continued to shift the framing and the home and then lock up the new window. Do you follow?

If you can imagine your knee, hip, back pain, neck pain – whatever pain you have is the window. It I just changed the window and didn’t fix the cause how would that look, or help overall your home? Your structure and the underlying nerve system/spine. The window is the aesthetic, your nervous system and spine is critical and needs more support and help than aesthetics.

So in order to not Just patch things up – in chiropractic we need to strip things down to the studs so to speak and rebuild before we add new windows, repaint etc. By rebuilding from the source of the problem and helping the body rebuild with a stronger foundation, better balance, and a system that is more alert and perceptive it can adapt and heal at new levels. As the brain and nerve system heals it no longer sticks windows, shows cracks in the paint or in other words it doesn’t continue to break down your physiology in order to thrive or function. It can use that energy to thrive versus be in survival mode.

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