Stress And Heart Rate Variability


Stress is the number one cause of imbalance within your body/physiology. Why is this important? If your body is out of balance physiologically it can limit your own bodies ability to function, heal and self regulate.

Chronic stress – something that lasts longer than a few days or a couple of weeks is very debilitating and can create the most damage. Chronic stress can train your body/physiology to react or overreact to various types of stress – be it good or bad stress.

Our chiropractic assessments measure your levels of stress and changes or improvements in how you are adapting to life or stress through out Nerve System Scan measuring your Heart Rate Variabilty. When measuring your heart rate variability it is done with a short interval of time but also correlates your skim temperature and skin conductance to come up with a accurate calculation. With chiropractic care your ability to adapt and manage and adapt to stress has been shown to improve. Your body can rebound faster to some stress and not negatively impact your heart rate variabilty score as greatly under chiropractic care.

Heart Rate Variabilty measures your sympathetic nerve system , (fight or flight), and your parasympathetic nerve system. Ideally you want to be balanced in between these two systems and they will activate or work harder for you under different circumstances. I won’t go into all of those today.

This is just one way we measure how your body is adapting to life and staying ahead of it to your greatest ability.