Tempomandibular Dysfunction

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What is tempomandibular dysfunction? What creates it and how can it show up?

It can show up many many ways including but not limited to snoring, choking, trouble swallowing, jaw pain, neck pain, fight or flight responses, high palate, poor latching with nursing, tongue thrusts, tongue ties involvement, spitting up to name a few symtoms that can occur.

When there is trauma, toxins, mental/emotional stress, and technology, (wifi) stressors these can cause disconnect between the brain and body and how they communicate together. Thus creating tension on the body, cause primitive reflexes such a rooting reflex to remain and impact overall jaw and mouth health. This can then lead to subluxation.

Supporting individuals at any age with this is crucial to assist in oral health, decreased pain and overall greater function.

Chiropractic is a key component as we support nerve system health and body function.

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