What can create lower VAGAL TONE in Pediatrics?


Below is a list of things that can create lower vagal tone in pediatrics. Why is this significant as it can impact neuro development or growth and development, which too can impact how primitive reflexes integrate, but primarily from a chiropractic perspective – function. It can impact how the body functions now and later in life. When one’s body has to work harder and less efficiently – it takes more energy to do things and thus creates more challenges in day to day tasks, including sleep, focus, and so on.

  • Stress (in utero, at birth, environment)
  • Difficult birth (c-section, instrumentation, long birth, medicated birth
  • Infections including high fever
  • Excessive swaddling (#swaddling), lack of movement, prolonged sitting in a car seat/Bumbo
  • Poor diet (food intolerances and therefor stressors to the system)
  • Poor tongue function or low tongue posture #tonguefunction
  • Heightened gag reflex #gagreflex
  • TMJ Dysfunction or misalignment (aggravates Trigeminal nerve which connects with fibres of the Vagus nerve – high sympathetic activation); clenching and grinding of jaw and teeth #VagusNerve #clenching #grinding
  • Laying on their back and sleeping on their back
  • (List courtesy of Dr. Jenna Davis)

As you can see there are a variety of causes to impact baby / Toddler /teen / adult

Remember those first 2 years baby is growing 1 million neurons every second. It is so important to have no interference to this!!

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