5 Absolutes about Chiropractic

5 Absolutes of Chiropractic


1)     Subluxations cause the body to work less than 100%


Self is less than 100%

All function healing and recreation is less than 100%



2)     You can never reach full potential with the presence of subluxation. 


Your potential is determined by function, healing, recreation, adaptability to stress and challenges you face in your environment



3)     There is absolutely no alternative to chiropractic


No other profession works to detect and correct subluxation – Chiropractic is not a alternative form of care – It is completely unique to anything and helps the body function 100%



4) Chiropractic is not about the treatment of disease


a)     If we were to treat disease we would have to wait until disease forms and b) try to take away a symptom.   

Chiropractic is about the treatment of lack of ease in the body dis-ease



5) Innate intelligence


Innate intelligence always knows more than our finite educated mind – Our innate balances our blood pressure, creates new kidney cells and immune cells, etc…..