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Physical, Mental/emotional, Chemical, Technical stressors can cause subluxation that requires a chiropractor to support health and wellness

School age children are starting to expand their horizons & explore the larger world around them. The introduction of school, new friends, their neighborhood & community at large expands their experience beyond their immediate family environment. This time of life is critical for establishing independence, gaining confidence & growing physically & emotionally. ♥️

The importance of regular adjustments for children cannot be understated. Your school age child is acquiring important neurological foundations that will last a life time & should be properly supported to ensure optimal development is achieved. They are also exposed to different stressors during these years, which can cause subluxation. 🛑

Dr. Coburn specializes in the detection & correction of nerve system interference (subluxation) so that your child can grow & thrive with true health to maximize their potential. 👐🏼

Chemical Stressors:

Exposure to gluten, sugar, dyes & processed foods

Exposure to household cleaners & personal care products

Exposure to fever reducers & pain relievers

Antibiotics & steroids

Emotional Stressors:


Stress at school

Peer pressure

Time spent on electronic devices


Awareness of community & world issues

Changing family dynamics & parental relationships

Physical Stressors:

Sports injuries

Cumulative microtrauma

Scrapes, cuts & burns

Appearance of permanent teeth

Poor posture (homework, devices, etc)

Lack of exercise/ prolonged sitting

Sleep disturbances


Start a evening routine and morning routine now with 1-2 days, (perhaps Fri and Sat) with schedules being more flexible. The evening routine may look like a set bed time depending on the age of your child – will determine the bed time. No technology for 2 hours before bed. Bed time reading or walk. Reconnection with family or parents at the end of the day to touch base – especially with our teens. Wind down with slow quieter music, personal hygiene routine and setting out clothing for the next day. Winding down discussing a short, non complicated plan for the next day to give them a horizon line of what to look forward too, yet is not too overwhelming. Slow down their minds, and yours with this routine.

Morning time – it is important to have a consistent morning time to help build a solid base for the day for everyone. Be it waking to quiet music, hygiene, a great balanced breakfast with healthy fats and proteins especially and water! A short morning walk for those that get restless during the day and one that can be done with a sibling, family pet and or parent is encouraged. It does not have to be long. The rush rush of a morning can be disorienting and cause more chaos and unsettlement for the individual. Starting the day with ease and routine helps set the body and mind up for greater success and ease.

Breathwork, meditation and perhaps yoga can be introduced for those that have the time, the inclination and desire to utilize these techniques. They are all beneficial for everyone. It doesn’t have to take long.

For more insight or direction on these suggestions please reach out.
Dr. Wendy

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