Chiropractic is focused on NeuroSpinal Health


In our office the approach we take in your care, your newborns care, your toddler, your teen, your parent no matte is through looking to your neurophysiology to guide and direct us.

IN our office we use technology to measure your neurophysiology output. We look at your Heart Rate Variability to look to see how much reserve you have within your physiology to keep up in life, get ahead or have some stores or reserves for the next load or stressor of life coming at you. This is measured through the rhythm of your heart rate. We look at if you are stuck in fight or flight. If you are stuck in fight or flight we help your physiology move away from this into a state of ease whereby your body can begin to heal. You cant be in fight or flight and heal at the same time.HRV also allows us to see how much energy is in the tank.

Our next test looks at your Thermal scans or temperature of your spine form segment to segment side to side to globally / segmentally look at what your nerve system is doing in relations to sensory nerve branches and body function.

Our next Nerve function test looks at SEMG or Surface Electromyographic information. Is your body holding way too much energy in your spine and sending it to your brain, which can impact how your body perceives the world and responds to it.

Bringing balance back into these areas by changing the neurophysiology through specific scientific chiropractic adjustments, helps the body function and heal at its very best.

These scans dictate the plan of care as your neurophysiology releases patterns, rebuilds, and heals. When the stress in this system dissipates, new patterns, (supportive ones), develop and are measured, then plans of care change.

Chiropractic Care for All Ages.

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