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Subluxation. A term some people have heard of and others not so much. It is what chiropractic was founded on. Subluxation was a word that you had to be able to know and define inside and out when you applied to enter into chiropractic school.

What is Subluxation? When tension and stress build up in an area of the spine, it creates interference and overloads the nerve or nerves nearby, creating what is known as a subluxation. This subluxation acts similar to a blown fuse in your house. When a fuse blows in your home, certain areas or appliances may not function until that power is restored. Similarly, by finding and correcting any subluxations in your spine, specific scientific chiropractic adjustments help the body function and heal at its very best.

A Subluxation is broken down into several parts which I will go into more on my u-tube channel Dr. Wendy Coburn.

Here I will review a few areas of Subluxation.

There is spinal misalignment. The normal joint alignment, movement and function of a joint are altered, although contact still remains between joint surfaces.

There is nerve dysfunction. Your spinal cord and its branches (part of your nerve system outside of your brain), pass through the spine, subluxations cause nerve irritation, sometimes but not always resulting in pain and symptoms. Often times there is silent stress on the nerve system and spine, affecting proper communication between how the body sends messages to the brain and the brain to the body.

Soft Tissue Dysfunction. Tissue irritation, inflammation, swelling, spasm and weakness can occur. Surrounding discs, ligaments and tendons can be injured.

Muscle Dysfunction. Muscles surrounding the affected area or segments of the spine or pelvis can become short tight and weak. They can become out of balance, or even become painful.

Other. Left uncared for subluxations can cause breakdown of bone and tissue or early breakdown of your spine. This is often diagnosed as arthritis, osteoarthritis or degeneration.

In my u-tube video I will go into more detail regarding kinesiopathology, pathophysiology etc of a subluxation.

I hope this provides a small glimpse into subluxation – which can occur at any age – and even during the brith process. Being born is one the hardest physical things we go through. I know for some trying to grasp this thought is challenging yet one to start asking questions about.

Many go to chiropractors when they are adults when they have pain or are tired of nagging pain that traditionally has come and gone yet this time just won’t. That pain may be for something that started decades ago and was not symptomatic!

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