Death of a Retirement Dream

Why am I posting this as a prenatal pediatric chiropractor? Grandparents are part of the family!

Do you know of someone or is it you that worked long hours overtime, missing holidays, family gatherings, not taking holidays so you can save up for the perfect early retirement and create a retirement fund that trusts and depends solely on health care to care for you? Or perhaps expect you will never get injured, run down or sick?

I have over the last 22 years seen individuals living out the first few weeks, months and even days after their retirement date showing up with “unexplained pain,” that they have never had before. Sure maybe an ache here or there but wow it’s now debilitating?

Some individuals show up expecting to have their health perfect like yesterday, and have someone else pay for it. If you retire tomorrow and don’t have a financial plan and go to your financial planner and say hey how do I make a $1000000.00 by tomorrow – what do you think they may say?

It takes planning early on. It takes consistency to keep the body moving in the direction of health and healing so you can adapt to stresses coming at you, function and heal at your best. Just like money – it takes consistency of auto-deposit to a savings or financial product over a period of time to reach your goals.

Why I say this. As when individuals come in they are baffled, surprised often at how much they have neglected their health and now there is this issue that needs time, consistency and yes finances to invest in their health.

The heartbreaker – they don’t have the money- or they have it yet it is set aside for world travel and adventure. What they don’t yet realize is that they may perhaps with more neglect and not taking action to improve their health now – that travel fund will never get used.

It’s heartbreaking to watch and see – If you are planning your finances – plan for a health account that is greater than what you think you may need.

Receiving care to help you move, think and heal at a higher level is a better option than being so broken you require drugs and surgery to just keep you upright and then continue to break down. This care is only covered minimally by health plans. Health plans are meant for acute care which is only a few days. Whereby some need consistent, long term care and action to make a change.

Don’t be surprised. Prepare for now and the future. A future where your retirement dreams are met and you are investing in yourself with care now and in your bank account for care in the future to invest in you! Self-Care.