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I had the opportunity to read a great morning blog this morning about finishing the set and pushing through.

We are all so focused on outcomes but not the process and the work walking through whatever it is we are trying to accomplish to get the desired outcome.

Some don’t even begin even though what they see or learn is a great idea. Some begin yet don’t push through, some do it half way and those that go full in, commit and do the work get the outcome they hoped for or surpass it.

Which are you? When you start or started chiropractic care how excited were you for the results? What effort have you put in to get there? Are you in cruise control? Have you stopped long before you get half way? Have you out mediocre effort in or are you going all out?

How important is your health to it in the necessary effort to move in the direction of your best health?

Are you motivated by “wishing-as-if”?

Are you overlooking the effort needed to make the change or something else?

The variable of the work you put in is a reflection of; WHO YOU ARE.

Do you take short cuts? Are you undisciplined? You could receive a tone of advice, support and direction and never change – because YOU never change.

You could be given exercises, told what nutritional changes you need to do, even hire a personal trainer to support your health regimen with chiropractic, yet never show up. Unless you are willing to CHANGE WHO YOU ARE, the prespective you see life will not change.

Some people see opportunity and others see obstacles! Which are you?

Will you pull the trigger, commit to you and do the work? The ones that do see amazing, amazing results.

It’s more often than not a lack of information – its that some seize the opportunity and others are stopped by what they see or default to as obstacles.

If you don’t stop focusing or unsee the obstacles, or push through them – you never will move forward.

A suggestion – to help you – Do physical training –

In physical training such as an IronmanTriathlon, you tell yourself to stop over and over repeatedly. Your MIND wants to give up before you body in most cases.

In training you will see the obstacles of too tired, not enough time, not enough money, I’m stiff or sore, I don’t have the right equipment etc

Keep going.

Train your mind to overcome those obstacles to reach the goal. You need to.

This training will filter into all aspects of life to help you get to the outcomes you desire as you learn to train your mind, train to be disciplined and work through the process.

Enjoy the Journey!

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