How do I get healthy?


This mysterious entity to some – health comes from within – what?

Health comes from the inside out. It truly does. It is an inside job. You are at your healthiest when your body/ physiology/ mind and body connect/communicate from the inside out. When communication flows with efficiency, the demands of daily life occur with greater levels of ease and adaptability which equates to less breakdown and increased levels of health.

Your nervous system, aka brain, spinal cord and all its branches and components control the function of every cell, tissue, organ in your body. It also processes every single event that happens in your daily life constantly. Be it when you are awake or sleeping. Some daily events are routine, some are stressful. Your body does not know the difference between good and bad stress. These scenarios occur throughout our lifetime.

Our bodies are designed to grow and get stronger and adapt to times of stress that are intermittent. When it is consistent and chronic our systems being to fall behind and then break down as our systems don’t have a chance to get ahead, heal, repair and replace cells and build resiliency.

When there is interference that develops to protect the brain and nervous system because the body /physiology/brain was overloaded – this becomes a’ “subluxation,” to ease and function. The body compensates and navigates around the tension. As we as humans continue to push the demands of our body and not allow it time to recover, reset, heal – we move towards dis-ease and dysfunction then disease sets in.

Chiropractic supports the body and nerve system to remove the tension/interference/“subluxation,” to allow the brain and body to communicate begin the process of restoring ease and healing. If you continue to beat down the body with too much physical, mental/emotional, chemical, technological stress the rate and speed of healing is limited or can remain stagnant.

Healing takes team work – the individual that wants healing to occur needs to make changes – if they don’t they don’t see change. You get to control the rate and speed of change by what you do.

The body is truly powerful and amazing – more powerful than we know or will know in our lifetimes. You hear amazing stories of people healing and overcoming different things – this happens when the right mindset, movement, nutrient, combination occurs along with the removal of interference to the bodies internal mechanisms to work via the nerve system which controls and coordinates everything.

If you truly want a change this year – are you determined and willing to put in the work to help yourself. Expecting someone on the outside of you to fix you will not do it. You need to fully participate in your own healing.

Chiropractic is the key. Anyone with a spine benefits from chiropractic every time – when a chiropractic adjustment is provided to an individuals with a a mind open to receive and allow their body to fully heal and express itself amazing things happen.

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