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Universal forces
 are the forces of the environment which tend to break down or be destructive toward structural matter.  They tend to break matter down into its simplest components.  However, to carry on the cycles of life, material must be built up in the form of a living organism.  That is the function of the innate intelligence of life and it uses innate forces to accomplish its purpose.  

These forces are the power and the messages that the innate intelligence uses to build atomic particles into the elements, the elements into chemical compounds, the compounds into the component parts of a cell, the cell into a tissue, then an organ and eventually into a living organism.  For anything or anyone intelligent to communicate it must have a system.  A computer needs the Internet to communicate with the other computers.  Human beings need words, sounds, writing and computers.  

The innate intelligence uses forces and in human beings these forces are carried primarily over the nerve system as the body’s communication system.  We call these forces innate forces or mental impulses.  Every living organism has these innate forces.  They are the means by which the innate intelligence of life controls and coordinates the function of the body’s material substances and life itself. 

The problem is that we really cannot measure mental impulses.  Science has developed instruments to measure the electrical nerve impulses that travel over the nerve system, instruments like the EMG and the EEG.  But these only measure the energy, not the message that is contained within that energy and it is the message that is vitally important to the proper coordinated function of the body.  Perhaps an analogy would help demonstrate this concept. 

Samuel B. Morse invented a means of communication called the telegraph in the 19th century.  We are all familiar with it and how it worked.  There were actually three “forces” that were carried over the wires.  The first was an electromagnetic force that made the entire system work.  Without it the receiving telegrapher’s key would not click at all.  The second is the dots and dashes that make up the Morse code.  To the unknowledgeable person that is all they are, a series of dots and dashes.  They can be heard and even measured.  

But there is a third “force” as well, the force of the message that is contained within the dots and dashes.  The words cannot be seen or heard but there is a specific, intelligent and intelligible communication coming over those wires.  Anyone unfamiliar with Morse code would think it was merely clicks on a telegrapher’s key.  The words and their message are not physical although they are transmitted along a physical wire. 

A similar situation occurs with the innate forces in the nerve system.  There are messages from the innate intelligence of the body transmitted over the “wires” of the body to the organs, tissues and cells.  We are not able to understand those messages and we really do not need to.  However, we do see the results.  

The body produces just the right amount of insulin, adrenalin, cortisone and a thousand other chemicals to meet the needs of the body twenty-four hours a day, for an entire lifetime.  At least it does as long as there is no interference in that communication system.  Getting back to our analogy of the telegraph, suppose someone were to interfere with the telegrapher’s transmission?  Perhaps just randomly hit the key every few seconds while the telegrapher was sending a message.  The random dots and dashes would distort the message and it is likely the recipient of the telegraph message would not understand what the message really said. 

Similarly, if there is a vertebral subluxation in the spine, the nerve system is affected.  The message that is being carried by that nerve is distorted and cells work improperly and may actually die.  If enough cells work improperly and/or die, tissues, organs and the entire body breaks down.  Keeping these lines free of interference then truly is a matter of life and health.

Dr Strauss 2005

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