Your Body is Amazing!

Natural Health grounding connecting with nature to fulfill health and wellness clear our minds and body’s to reset and restore west Edmonton and north east Edmonton at Gibbard block

Your body is self healing and can self regulate when it is encouraged, supported and cared for.

Chiropractic is about affirming your trust in the natural world. Chiropractic respects nature and sees our bodies as more than individual parts like a machine.

when you fall and scraped your knee as a child, did you ever wonder how it healed on its own? Every cell in your body knows the exact reaction to mount a response to healing and repair.

Your body, your child’s body, has the ability to adapt, change and heal on its own given the right environment and support.

INTERFERENCE happens to interrupt the bodies inner wisdom via traumas, toxins and thoughts, (mental and emotional stress).

Here is a quest for you; how does your body know when to absorb some nutrients and send them to your heart or skeleton and when to reject others? Can you imagine how much time and energy it would take to consciously have to think about your heart rate, muscle contraction, balance, bending your elbow, or even blinking your eyes every few seconds! On top of all that, repair and replace 189 billon cells a day and still get your kids to school and daycare on time.

Chiropractic supports the natural workings of your physiology through detecting and removing interference to your inner doctor. Who wouldn’t want that? Your productivity goes up a million fold when your body can do what it is designed to do and you don’t have to stop and consciously think about it.

Chiropractic is not just about back pain, headaches, or muscle tension, it is about supporting your health now and doing all you can to strengthen your health foundation for a lifetime.

Many people ask, well how long do I have to go to a chiropractor? Those that understand that chiropractic is essential for their families wellness and health go for regular checkups to make sure there is no interference to how their body is working.

Some that are in chronic pain, can’t look past the pain yet, but we provide them hope to show them what is possible and support them on their individual wellness and health journey’s.

It is easier to support health, than to fix what is broken. Sometimes we leave tings so long, they get so broken, full repair can not happen, yet optimizing the state of health that they are in – means the world to them.

It is vitally important to keep the brain and body working together always no matter one’s age, be it 5 mins old or 95 years old!

We are here for you.

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