Input and Output: How your Nervous System Gets Stuck

In chiropractic we look to see how the body is perceiving the world, in other words input.

Through input, someone perhaps may have altered perception which the brain coordinates and organized this causes/creates the bodies/brains – output.

So if the output is not in a state of ease or an expression of health this demonstrates a problem with input/coordination and reaction.

Keep following.

Perhaps the body has had to adapt to what they perceived as input or in other words the output is altered due to a misguided or interpreted perception.

How does input get misconstrued or misinterpreted?

Ones nerve system can get stuck in, fight or flight or “panic,” and perceive everything physical, toxic,mental/emotional as a crisis versus an interpretation of ease whereby the brain coordinates a different response to said stimulus to ones body.


I.e. someone casually walks past you and instead of strolling by you totally tense up, panic and freeze on the spot. The response is not equal to the input in a healthy nerve system/physiology.

I.e. you work out with some light weights or resistance and instead of small muscle soreness the next day you are in extreme pain and can’t move for a week or two.

The function of the nervous system is to perceive the environment (input), and coordinate the behaviour of all other cells – Bruce Lipton

Output comes from in the input.

Altered perception = altered behaviour or output.

Perception sets up the coordination and interpretation creating the altered output

THIS IS A neuro-functional problem

A Subluxation: sets up abnormal output and leads to abnormal output when the stressors were enough to alter the nerve systems ability to function at its ideal state.

A subluxation is what a chiropractor looks for and corrects within a persons spine and nerve system.

The cells and muscles ability to coordinate, support, perform a movement repetitively is altered when there is a subluxation. If a subluxation is not eliminated the body will continue to alter output outside of an ideal state. This shows up many many ways.

For some it is a chronic joint pain, muscle pain or pull or other functional condition or symptom.

Reach out with questions! I hope this helps many with a deeper understanding of chiropractic and others may be very confused.

Either way – reach out ask questions to gain a better understanding how your body naturally works or is supposed to!

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