November 2016

What is the vision for your health?  Together we can work on this. Working in chiropractic even just beginning or a few years in – your body needs to “retrace.”  What does this mean? As you are receiving chiropractic care sometimes an individual may get sicker/have more symptoms before they become healthier as their body is “retracing,” their emotional, physical, chemical and electromagnetic stress that their nerve system has experienced over a lifetime. Some individuals have a system that is totally distressed.

It can in some cases take time to notice significant changes in health for some depending on the compounded impact of the stress mentioned above. For some it can be a few years. Your current health is a reflection of the stresses it has experienced over a lifetime.

As one realizes the incredibly strong link between mind, mindset and belief about health, and how an individual’s body can manifest or not manifest physical symptoms the body will heal better and function better.

This manifestation, the body functioning better, happens with time and consistency. As a chiropractor removing the interference from the nerve system, aka the subluxation, the body begins to eliminate bad habits in nerve system pathways making the reception of information, interpretation and dissemination of information healthier. Thus allowing the body to respond better, healthier and more appropriately to the environment around it. The body and nerve system has greater and healthier adaptability, and the body can function and heal optimally.

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