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What?  Why are there so many levels of healing or health?  Health does lie on a continuum – there is not limit that man is aware of in terms of what the top level of health is – or even if there is a top level of health – it is something that is continuously evolving and adapting to the past and present life circumstances.

Some individuals that have started care may go huh?  Why can’t I just come when I have symptoms? Why can’t I just come when I have pain?  Why do I have to come in when I am feeling good?  And today is your lucky day, because we have an answer for you.

If you think about what we have shared with you in regards to chiropractic care, your answer is there.  At the very beginning of your care plan, we inform all of our clients about the importance of your nerve system health.  This includes your brain, spinal cord and nerves.  When a nerve is under stress, compressed, stretched or pinched they are only actually painful 10% of the time.  This means 90% of the time there is no pain and this is where damage accumulates – as we do not sense there is a problem.  Most have been habituated to only seek help when it hurts and if I don’t have back pain I don’t have a problem.  That is a huge / massive problem.  You can loose function before you feel it. Along the way we share what types of things to look for versus pain.  A lot of the time you can walk around thinking – “Hey, I feel pretty good, everything is ok,” and it may not be.  Damage may be accumulating to the point whereby your body can no longer repair the areas impacted which is why at times we have patients saying, “You know what, I was fine, everything was good, I had no issues and I felt great, and then suddenly I got this pain and it won’t go away.  I don’t understand. How come it’s taking so long for it to get better?”  Well, a lot of times that damage /problem started years ago which is far different than the mindset that the twinge started yesterday.   The symptom may have been there for a few days or ours, yet the cause and the damage that is now there may have started a few years ago.  Now, it probably got to a point where the body can no longer adapt and “hide” or mask the problem anymore so it is at a point where it is now symptomatic, (painful) all of the time.

The goal of chiropractic care is to help the body, heal, function and adapt at its greatest ability to the stresses of life.  The traumas, toxins and negative/mental emotional stress.  It does this through your neurospinal system.  Chiropractors like myself want this system operating at its highest ability – like the inner workings of a Bentley or Porsche!  Not to look like a Porsche and be run via a 1984 Dodge Dart that has never been maintained. 

When we encourage you to come for checkups, what we are tying to do is encourage you to not wait until the damage accumulates and then you have to start all over again because you are in a lowered state of health (worse shape).

If you put all the time energy and finances to change your health footprint, why not help keep you well?  It fits into the same philosophy as dentistry.  When you go see a dentist and the dentist says to you, “Hey, you know what, your teeth are great, great checkup today,” you don’t turn around to the dentist and say, “Ok, Ill see you when I am in pain again.”  You know that makes no sense because when you do that you’ll end up waiting too long, and probably end up needing a filling, or a root canal.  It will cost you a lot more money, and it’s going to be a lot more time, more intrusive, more work, more effort and more energy. 

Chiropractic falls under a similar philosophy whereby we want to help you and your body move toward health and greater healing and keep you moving in that direction. The stronger your body, neurospinal system is the stronger and more successful it will get though and adapt to stress – trauma etc.  The less you breakdown.  Chiropractic care is designed for a lifetime yes.  To have a healthy brain and nerve system for a lifetime.  Would you want to do all you can to help your neurospinal system be its healthiest and strongest for a lifetime to keep you at your best for a lifetime?  Up to you.

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