Release versus Remove

For some this topic may confuse you – others clarify a lot – hoping the latter.


As Chiropractors we release the tiny rivulet of life inside of you to help your entire body – your whole health – to function at its best!  We do this through detecting, eliminating subluxation through a specific scientific chiropractic adjustment. (not joint mobilitzation by the way – I’ll speak to this in another blog). As chiropractors we don’t remove something.  We are not a patch to fix something – individuals get frustrated if as chiropractors we are trying to remove something and questions why it takes so long.  For some this makes no sense as perspective and understanding is engrained from the outside in – that is ok – keep learning – keep reading – keep asking questions so you can get clarity on the amazing capacity of your body.  Every single cell in your body has a job to do!  Structural corrective care enhances the bodies health as a whole – it influences your total health. Not just a piece or part – not by removing something- but through releasing interference to the body as a whole.


Chiropractors work to help the body to heal itself and function better on its own.  Many have come to see the body from the outside in, and as society many see the body  as something that needs something to be put into it in order to work on its own.  We have come to see our bodies like machines where they break down, we need to have things removed or replaced – like a car.   We are not at all.

We are designed to be healthy and vitalistic beings – chiropractors release the interference that enables the body to do this on its own.  This is why we work to help babies through to great grandparents so there is no interference to ones health potential right from birth.


Send in your comments – your thoughts – your questions – We are here to help you and your family move in the direction of your dreams without interference in your health!



Dr. Wendy

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