Upper Neck and Chiropractic

As a chiropractor I am looking to make sure your head is on straight! Literally.

By reviewing posture, tone and movement I can defer where your upper neck bones, (vertebrae) are not moving or lining up adding increased stress to your nerve system not allowing proper communication between the body and brain allowing the body to function and health and its best.

I assess your posture to determine where to begin – where your body wants me to adjust the vertebral subluxation complex. Removing the interference allows the body to heal. Often the upper neck is involved, as well as the sacrum or lower spine. Once those areas have been assessed and the subluxation adjusted or removed we move onto other areas of the Spine.

It can take a few weeks, (sometimes 4) to start changing patterns in the body. It can then take 4-12 weeks for the soft tissue to heal and then a year for scar tissue removal whereby the body knows what it needs to do.

It is a process.

Healing is a process and as life continues to happen as your body is healing ups and downs can occur. Every chiropractic adjustment to remove subluxation and interference to the spine and nerve system, (neurospinal system), helps every time!