What causes Subluxations?

As a chiropractor I look for, detect, and eliminate subluxations to allow the body to heal itself along with proper movement, nutrition, and suggest lifestyle changes for individuals that may be causing stress and subluxation.

Most subluxations started years before they were felt. You cannot get rid of the cause of a problem by a quick fix. Over the years we have treated symptom’s and have asked patients to come back when they don’t feel well and this is sickness care not wellness care. Letting a patient go when they feel better but still leaving the cause of the problem, i.e. a neck that curves the opposite direction that is stretching the spinal cord 2 inches and blocking nerve flow to the body and affecting brain and neurological function and overall body function, is not acceptable to me. Morally how can I feel good knowing I haven’t helped them fully.I want to get rid of the cause so you are not sitting home or your children are not sitting at home feeling good and slowly underneath getting sicker moving more toward illness and disease. If we keep continuing to treat symptoms and not the cause we are perpetuating the disease model or sickness model of care and as a society we will continue on the slope we are currently on of getting sicker and sicker. We want you to be healthy to live a life you were called to live, to be at home healthy with loved ones til the end of days.

We are born with this amazing gift of choice – you can choose not to correct your subluxations and continue to treat symptoms.  I choose to help those who wish to have my help and want to correct their subluxations.    

-Dr. Wendy